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Invenzi is the consolidation of a project that began in the ’90s created by a team that had accumulated experience in the field of building automation with a well-known global vendor. Offering to the market high quality and specialized services, the Company has been growing and participating in important implementations in the areas of building automation and electronic security.

This experience as a systems integrator was the basis for understanding our market needs and the motivation to develop an Innovative System that meets a national demand for Access Control Systems, combining quality and adaptability to local needs. After 4 years of study and development, in 2008 one of the most modern access control systems in the market was lauched: the W-Access Software.

W-Access‘s quality was promptly recognized by the market and brought the company significant growth rates. They were highlighted for five consecutive years in the Delloite – Exame PME rankings, which listed the most developed medium and small companies, as well as the achievement of important and demanding Clients in all market segments.

Invenzi is here to empower a new evolution and consolidate a performance that was already winning; however that needed a global redirection, with professional performance, broader perspective and focus in the growth of reselling channels.

According to the new focus, the solution, that was initially compatible only with its own hardware, has adapted and followed market trends, being expanded and integrated with the leading hardware manufacturers in the security industry.

Whatever the size or complexity of your Access Control project, Invenzi will be close and ready to offer the most suitable solutions!



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