Commercial building

Commercial building

The Invenzi access control solution’s priority is to preserve the security of your commercial condominium environment, controlling access and maintaining the privacy of data from visitors, employees and service providers. We also seek to optimize the efficiency of your operation, for example through our self-service totem for reception. Furthermore, our system allows attendance control in hybrid journeys, personalized dashboards and integration with the main software used in condominiums.

Functionalities and differences of our system in the context of commercial condominiums

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User management: Different fields required to release a visit and editable layouts - each type of user with its own layout

Attendance control in hybrid working hours: The employee must carry out their activities in person x days, with access authorization being determined by the number of days of in-person work

Reports and dashboards with building occupancy data: garage, rooms, bicycle rack

Partitioning the system so that companies can manage their employees

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