The Invenzi Access Control Solution​

The Invenzi solution is an open access control platform, 100% web and cloud-ready, designed to be very flexible and adaptable, adding even more value to traditional access control solutions.

My Invenzi, self-service application​

With My Invenzi, an access control app, you have full control of access permissions in the palm of your hand wherever you are. Allowing you to conveniently manage access and boost efficiency, directly from your smartphone.

Facial recognition​

Facial recognition uses advanced algorithms to identify and verify a person’s identity based on their unique facial features. This process involves capturing an image or video of a person’s face, followed by pre-processing steps to improve image quality and extract distinctive features such as the position of the eyes, nose, mouth, and overall shape of the face. These features are then used to create a numerical representation of the face, known as a “facial signature”.

Digital printing​

Fingerprinting in access control is an effective and widely used biometric technique for authenticating people’s identities based on unique characteristics of their fingerprints. It offers a combination of convenience and security, making it popular in a variety of scenarios such as corporate buildings, computer systems, and mobile devices.

QR Code with encryption​

Using advanced algorithms to store information, the QR Code with encryption stands out as a significantly safer option, reducing the risk of fraud. The Invenzi access control solution goes further, featuring total integration that not only enables the application of QR Code with encryption, but also makes dynamic QR Code technology available.

Bluetooth credentials

Bluetooth credentials offer a convenient and modern way to authenticate and allow access to restricted locations, instead of relying on physical keys or traditional access cards, these credentials utilize Bluetooth wireless technology to enable secure communication between the user’s device and access devices, such as electronic locks or readers.


LPR (License Plate Recognition) or Automatic License Plate Recognition is an intelligent solution that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) resources for the automatic identification of vehicle license plates, enabling accredited license plates to access the parking lot, ensuring more agility for the flow of vehicles.

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