About the case

The Santa Joana Group encompasses several healthcare centers, notably the Santa Joana Hospital and Maternity (SP), Pro Matre Paulista (SP), and Santa Maria Hospital and Maternity (SP). Its primary mission is to provide excellence in medical practice and comprehensive care to humans, with a special focus on maternal and child health.

The Santa Joana Group’s differentiating factor lies in its deeply human-centered approach to maternity, seeking to provide mothers and their babies with affectionate, compassionate, and respectful care to create a welcoming and familial environment.

The Group’s hospital infrastructure covers a complete range of services, including intensive care units (ICUs) for both adults and neonates, ensuring all necessary resources to preserve and restore maternal and child health.


To implement a new access control management tool in the group’s hospital units, elevating the technological and security levels for patients, staff, and visitors. Additionally, the goal is to integrate the Invenzi system with various other ERPs.


  • Invenzi access control software for approximately 10,000 resident users, 4,000 daily visitor users, and 25 simultaneous remote connections;
  • Integration with Tyco’s CCURE9000;
  • Integration with MV Soul;
  • Integration with ESB Bus.


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