Thinking about enhancing security in access control in industrial environments, Invenzi offers a solution capable of adapting to the most diverse realities and business rules. Aiming to protect sensitive assets and information, our solution allows the creation of controlled areas, with different specifications for each defined area. In addition, we are also concerned with the management of employees, carrying out inter-workday control and also managing documents necessary for carrying out work. We are a robust and adaptable platform that allows customization to better meet your needs.

Functionalities and differences of our system in the context of industries

Controlled areas - specific restrictions for each zone: Example: Refrigerated areas (NR36): control of the time spent by employees in controlled areas, generating alarms and blocking new access within a determined interval

Intershift control: Minimum time of 11 hours between the departure of a shift and the entry of the next shift

Validity management of documents for carrying out work

Meal credit control


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