The Invenzi

The Invenzi

Invenzi is a Brazilian company that develops an open platform for access control, which is integrated with leading manufacturers in the market, it supports various user authentication technologies, such as facial biometrics, encrypted QR codes, Bluetooth credentials, vehicle license plate recognition, among others.

An experienced development team consistently works on both the continuous improvement of the platform and the specific customizations for each project. The Invenzi access control software is designed to receive structured customizations, ensuring that software updates do not impact the functionality of these customizations, providing greater robustness to the project.

It’s also worth highlighting that Invenzi makes a significant investment in after-sales support. We have a Customer Success department that works closely with clients and partners, ensuring quality and satisfaction in all our deliveries, additionally, our Operations team is always ready and highly skilled to provide technical support whenever needed.

Want more? Being able to rely on a fully prepared and always willing team to help and find the best solution for your projects is certainly a major advantage. And that’s what we’re talking about – advantages that our pre-sales and sales teams have in abundance to provide precise guidance for your project, addressing any doubts, and furthermore, offering the best solution according to your needs.

You are Invenzi. Invenzi is you.

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