Thinking about optimizing logistics environments, the Invenzi solution has several features that meet the most diverse business rules for companies of all sizes. For example, maintaining controlled areas with exclusive specifications for each region and managing document validity for employees, helping to organize the company. The robustness of our solution ensures that the system adapts according to your demands, efficiently and quickly.

Functionalities and differences of our system in the context of logistics

Multiple validation of linked users: validation must take into account several factors - example: driver, vehicle and container

Controlled areas - control of areas with specific restrictions: minimum or maximum number of authorized people

Document validity management: DRIVER'S LICENSE, ID

Vehicle route control: having a pre-defined route for vehicles to follow within the company's space, with time control in each area

Integration with the Federal Revenue for bonded areas - ADE Coana and Siscomex

Escort and random search


Own software to import prior work orders and grant access to drivers and vehicles

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