About the case

This is a philanthropic hospital that has always based its actions on social, environmental, and humanitarian responsibility. Initially conceived to meet the needs of sugarcane producers, its mission grew and expanded, encompassing a broader spectrum of care. Currently, over 80% of the services are provided through the Unified Health System (SUS).

With a fully equipped structure, a renowned clinical staff, and a highly qualified team, this hospital complex employs state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic technologies to provide not only precision and quality but also genuinely humane care.

HFC has the distinction of being the pioneer in the region to achieve level 2 certification from the National Accreditation Organization (ONA), a testimony to its excellence in management and the provision of high-quality care to patients.


Appropriate access management for employees, service providers, patients, and visitors is a priority in the context of the Hospital dos Fornecedores de Cana de Piracicaba. The demand for detailed management reports, intuitive graphical interfaces highlighting visitor presence near the beds, flexible customization of records, meal supervision, and seamless integration with the Totvs RM Labore and Philips Tasy systems (hospital management solutions) are crucial elements in this operational scenario.


  • Invenzi access control software for 4,000 users and 8 simultaneous connections;
  • Support for identification methods such as Mifare cards and fingerprint biometrics;
  • 24 doors with biometric and Mifare readers;
  • Retrofit of 10 turnstiles with Mifare readers.


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