About the case

Hospital located in the Federal District, being a reference center for high performance in healthcare, with infrastructure, technology and teams trained for emergencies and highly complex care. It was the first hospital in Brasília to receive the Qmentum Global/Canadian Methodology International Diamond certification.

Pediatric ICUs are made up of a modern physical structure and advanced technology equipment, with an interdisciplinary team on the front line and managed by a team of specialized doctors and nurses. It has a modern and complete Diagnostic Center, with laboratories, imaging diagnosis and interventional approach in the areas of Neurology, Cardiology and Vascular.


To meet the security needs of Hospital Brasília, an access control system will be implemented to serve around 20,000 active users, with up to 12 simultaneous connections. 25 proximity readers, 105 biometrics readers and 29 facial readers will be used. This project involves the development of management reports: visitor traffic, visit history and employee traffic. Furthermore, the project has customizations and integration to control beds, cafeterias and patients.


  • License for 20000 active users;
  • License for 12 simultaneous connections;
  • License to use 25 proximity readers;
  • License to use 105 Biometrics readers;
  • License to use 29 facials;
  • License to control 10 IO’S;
  • License to use 8 Cameras at the same time;
  • License to use 2 LPR Cameras.


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