About the case

The organization strives to maintain a solid reputation throughout the national territory, advocating for relevant causes and making contributions to public authorities, regulatory bodies and entities in the health sector. This aims to promote the most exemplary practices in the relentless pursuit of administrations that are increasingly transparent, ethical and in compliance with the law.

At the Unimed Vale do Sinos Hospital Complex you will find a modern and complete Diagnostic Imaging Center, as well as a Surgical Block and ICUs. It has more than 500 cooperative doctors in 36 specialties, 381 specialized offices. In addition to its own services, Unimed VS has a wide network of accredited services, with clinical analysis laboratories, clinical therapies (nutrition, speech therapy and psychology), physiotherapy clinics, among other services.


Control access within very particular and complex business rules. The integration with the hospital management system takes into account the control of financial debts before discharge. The patient and the financial officer, if any, have access restrictions. In addition, the system does all user tracking through the transit record and, in another situation, if an employee enters the hospital as a visitor, companion or patient, the system automatically identifies and he is blocked as an employee, that is, in this case it enters the rules of the type of user that is active.


  • Invenzi solution for 2 thousand users;
  • Integration with the Tasy hospital management system;
  • Centralized access control on a single platform.


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