About the case

The Brazilian Hospital Services Company (EBSERH) is a public company governed by private law, linked to the Ministry of Education, with the purpose of providing medical-hospital, outpatient and diagnostic and therapeutic support services to the community. As well as providing federal public institutions with services to support teaching, research and extension, teaching-learning and training of people in the field of public health. Today, it is the largest network of public hospitals in Brazil.


Implement an Invenzi access control system, at the UFPel Teaching Hospital, which is responsible for managing access for an unlimited number of users, allowing up to ten simultaneous connections. To meet the needs of the location, 23 Wiegand readers and 50 biometric readers will be used.


  • Invenzi access control software for an unlimited number of users;
  • 23 wiegand readers;
  • 10 simultaneous connections;
  • 50 biometric readers;
  • 8 CCTV licenses.


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