About the case

The organization strives to maintain a solid reputation throughout the national territory, advocating for relevant causes and making contributions to public authorities, regulatory bodies and entities in the health sector. This aims to promote the most exemplary practices in the relentless pursuit of administrations that are increasingly transparent, ethical and in compliance with the law.

In addition, the institution is dedicated to designing innovative solutions in the health area, seeking to generate value and sustainable results. The approach is based on humanization and empathy in patient care. All of this is supported by a quality policy designed to ensure the highest standard of excellence provided by Unimed Juiz de Fora.


Implement an access control system for employees and visitors of Unimed Juiz de Fora, leader in the supplementary health market in Zona da Mata Mineira and Campo das Vertentes.


  • Invenzi access control solution for 2,000 users to control employee and visitor access;
  • Integration with Active Directory;
  • Integration with the Tasy hospital management system;
  • 81 doors with biometric Mifare proximity readers;
  • 4 turnstiles;
  • Integration with the automation system.


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