Commercial condominiums

Commercial condominiums

Invenzi is a reference in cases of
success in commercial condominiums

The Invenzi access control solution is recognized for its adaptability and flexibility to optimize processes with complete safety and efficiency.


100% WEB

and ready for the cloud

API for integration



Detailed management reports Dashboards powerful tool visitor control partitioned database


Encrypted communication Active Directory Integration Audits by records with use of cryptographic hashs in chain (blockchain)


User and reader support
unlimited multiple sites


Editable Layouts
Automated functions
Graphic Maps

Own tool for report development
and dashboards Allows you to create management reports of bed occupancy, with real-time update


CCTV Leading manufacturers of
control hardware access

Features and differentials the Invenzi access control solution for the hospital segment

Self-service app

Integration with VMS

Business management with the association of the respective employees

Open platform with multiple authentication methods, such as QRCode and Facial

Early call of elevators

Vacancy control

Graphical mapping with management of digital inputs/outputs

Possibility to work with centralized server for multiple sites

Own tool for report development and dashboards that allow you to create management reports, with data occupation statistics building, occupation of the parking lot, among others.

Advanced registration management users, with editable layouts and multiple types of users

My Invenzi, a new concept in the
experience of inviting and receiving people

Application to pre-register, invite
and authorize visitors:


Employees can register
and release visitors through the application;


Send pre-registration link via WhatsApp;


Issues and sends QR Code (static or
dynamic) for visitor access;


Self-service totem.