About the case

The Instituto Federal da Paraíba (IFPB) is a federal autarchy under the Ministry of Education and Culture – MEC. A benchmark in professional education in Paraíba, IFPB has 21 units spread throughout the State, including Campuses and Advanced Campuses. The Advanced Campuses are linked to the Rectory, headquartered in the capital city of Paraíba.

IFPB offers a variety of in-person and distance courses in integrated high school, subsequent, undergraduate, and postgraduate modalities, as well as Continuing Education courses. All of these are offered free of charge. The institution is also engaged in numerous Research, Extension, and Innovation programs involving students, staff, and collaborators.


The need to enhance security at the entrance of the João Pessoa Campus and to control access to classrooms and laboratories.


  • Invenzi access control software for access control;
  • 91 doors equipped with proximity and biometric readers;
  • 10 turnstiles equipped with proximity and biometric readers;
  • 4 accessible turnstiles equipped with proximity readers.


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