More than self-service a
new concept in the experience of inviting and receiving

More than self-service a new concept in the invite and receive experience

Optimize service via QR Code, with total security and ensuring a better experience.


Fingerprint recognition is based on image processing where the lines, peaks and valleys in the fingerprint are analyzed, forming a unique template for the user. This template is processed by an algorithm that recognizes the fingerprint and authenticates the user when passing through the terminal.

Biometric systems have been a worldwide trend for several years and will continue to expand, in view of factors related to security and practicality, dispensing with the use of access credentials which, in addition to being less secure, cause an impact on the environment because they are not durable and need to be replaced from time to time.

The fingerprint recognition solution is fully integrated with the Invenzi solution, which allows the biometric reader to identify users in less than a second in 1:N* mode due to the use of an award-winning verification algorithm worldwide.

Based on the information present in the databases, it is possible to generate alerts; provide important information about the identified person; generate duress alerts if the user is carrying out the release under external threat; and, with our robust management tool, it is possible to cross-reference data and extract complex reports on accesses made to the system.

Fingerprint + Invenzi Access Control

Integrated with Invenzi Solution

Invenzi access control is integrated with several manufacturers of biometric terminals, each with its particularities and algorithms for fingerprint recognition, working both with the possibility of local authentication of the terminal and with remote authentication from the biometric authentication server , using world-class, award-winning algorithms.

*Contact us to find out how to implement this technology in your applications.