About the case

São Paulo Corporate Towers is a Triple A concept development, which means it stands among the finest in the current category of corporate ventures. The term “Triple A” (or AAA) in the real estate market refers to the utmost level of quality, construction standards, and technology when it comes to building systems.

This complex is renowned for being one of the most sustainable buildings in the world, incorporating advanced practices and technologies to reduce its environmental impact and promote energy efficiency.


To implement a system for managing the access of 6,000 users and 106 simultaneous connections, with 60 integrated high-performance smart elevators, detailed access flow management reports, a breakdown of people flow by company, a dashboard for user credential flow, as well as current and contactless technology hardware integrated, and a self-service application further optimizing reception operations.


  • Invenzi access control software for 6,000 users and 106 simultaneous connections;
  • 87 Facial recognition devices with temperature measurement and mask usage;
  • 110 QR Code readers;
  • ThyssenKrupp’s advanced elevator pre-call system;
  • Integration with Honeywell’s EBI R410 (an intelligent condominium tool);
  • Integration with the parking management ERP;
  • Self-service visitor application.


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